The Pharmhouse is an independent, family owned and operated full-service pharmacy by husband and wife, Byrd and Shana Sullivan. Shana is the operating pharmacist. She graduated from the University of Georgia College of Pharmacy in 2007 earning her Doctor of Pharmacy. The Pharmhouse was born out of a genuine passion to provide the community a better, more personal, retail pharmacy experience inspired by what drug stores used to be. We are thrilled to finally turn the vision into a reality and open a pharmacy that allows us to put our experience to use serving customers in our community. We have very high expectations, that when you come into the store, you’ll be treated like family. We believe that healthcare is a relationship. One in which patients deserve a kind, transparent experience with professionals helping to make decisions regarding their health.

Our family has a long history for over 50 years in owning and operating independent pharmacies, dating all the way back to 1946 to Lackland Pharmacy in Albany, GA.  We are excited to once again be serving our community from our own family pharmacy.

Our vision for The Pharmhouse is to provide a warm, approachable, modern space that offers a mix of affordable retail options as well as high-end wellness products and gifts.  We also offer quick, convenient drive thru service and prescription delivery, ensuring that our customers are always able to get the medications they need. The pharmacist is always available to offer personalized consultations.  Our goal is to take care of our customers, making sure they feel comfortable and valued, and they are getting the service they deserve.